Ledbury Through Time
In October 2012, I was invited by Amberley Publishing, a leading publisher of local history books, to author a book about Ledbury's history.

Another title in the national 'town through time' series, Ledbury through Time was published in May 2013

The theme of the series is old and new photos of the same scene then and now. The book, 96 pages, contains approximately 180 photos, of which 90 are old and 90 new. The only criterion for the new photos is that the scene must have changed.

Something I've managed to achieve in the book is more images in living-memory and taken by local residents. Also, there are many old photos that do the rounds, so to speak, by cropping up in most of the books about Ledbury over the years. While I have included some of those images, I have also included pictures that are not common-place, a few rarely if ever seen in public before.

For the captions, I've included snippets of local history and anecdotes. Unlike others in the same series, Ledbury Through Time doubles as a photographic tour, approaches Ledbury from the outside in and in the direction of compass points, north, south, east and west, the photographic tour ends up where it all began.

Ledbury Through Time is available from Ledbury bookshops, also on Amazon RRP £14.99 ISBN 978 1 4456 1525 7 (PRINT) or ISBN 978 1 4456 1548 6 (EBook)

PS - Unfortunately acknowledgements were omitted from the book - the publisher's mistake, not mine. The people that kindly let me use their photos have been given the text that should have been published. I'd like to make amends by mentioning them here as well.

Having started with about forty-five of his own collection of old photographs and postcards before mentioning the subject of this book to local residents and others only to end up with more than 300 old pictures to choose from, as well as snippets of local history while researching the captions, Michael Lever is grateful for all the help and contributions from their collections and wishes to acknowledge Ann Symonds, Elaine Toyer, Viki Ross, Shirley and Tim Ward, D. J. Norton, David Postle, Ron Bumfrey, Ledbury Park Property Company, and J. B. Gaynan & Son. He also wishes to thank the many authors of local history books who have done so much to help make Ledbury such a fascinating unfolding story. Thank you.