Butchers Row

Where what used to be Middletown, in High Street, a row of booths stood there for around 700 years that over the centuries became timber-framed structures. Butchers Row was used as slaughterhouses. In 1830, the ‘disagreeable practice of slaughtering pigs in the street’ was abolished in Ledbury. By 1840, the booths had been removed from High Street and destroyed; all except a couple that in recent times have been restored and relocated.

One structure was re-erected in Skipp Alley (off The Homend). When the timber-framing was reassembled, a first-floor beam was put in upside down, as may be seen on the front.

Another booth was stored in a garden behind 14 High Street until it was relocated to Church Lane and renovated by the Ledbury and District Civic Society to become what is now known the Butcher Row Folk Museum