Civil War

Situated at strategic cross-roads, Ledbury saw action in the Civil War in 1645. The Parliamentary intention to fortify the town in 1644 was never implemented, so the encounter between Prince Rupert and Colonel Masey, the Parliamentary governor of Gloucester on 22 April 1645 was brief and less destructive.

Prince Maurice rested with his troops in April 1643 and on 12 February 1645, 60 of Scudamore’s royalists charged through the streets.


First English Civil War (1642–1646) began the series of three wars known as the English Civil War (or "Wars").

"The English Civil War" was a series of armed conflicts and political machinations that took place between Parliamentarians and Royalists from 1642 until 1651, and includes the Second English Civil War (1648–1649) and the Third English Civil War (1649–1651).