Masefield Solicitors

John Masefield, poet, was one of six children born to George Edward Masefield, a solicitor in the family firm, established c. 1836. His grandfather, also George, had moved from Shropshire and married Frances Mary Holbrook, the daughter of the local solicitor, whose practice George subsequently took over around 1930.

Adjoining Masefields' office in Worcester road, the neighbouring cottages, including a toll-house, were demolished in 1953 for the opening of the police station the following year. Opposite, the former orchard belonging to Ledbury Park was developed for housing and renamed Horse Lane Orchard. Horse Lane was widened and renamed Worcester Road.

Elizabeth Hall

Elizabeth Hall
This school was founded by Elizabeth Hall in 1708. It was intended to teach domestic crafts such as sewing, knitting, washing and cooking, as well as the basics of reading, writing and numbers.

When Miss Hall died she left enough money to provide for a school mistress and twenty-four children, and for a schoolmaster to teach eight of those to write.

In the 19th century for half a penny pupils could receive school dinners. On Mondays this was pea soup, Tuesdays rice pudding, Wednesdays Irish Stew, Thursdays boiled beef and suet pudding and Fridays pea soup again. The School was rebuilt in 1910 and was now known as the 'New School of Domestic'.

During the 1990s, the ground floor was occupied by The Collection Gallery. The building is now used as offices and owned by a firm of solicitors Daniels Ferraby, DF Legal.