Brewery Inn

A seventeenth-century building, the Brewery Inn, originally the Boat Inn or Boatman’s Arms, probably became licensed premises after the closure of a nearby lodging house for the canal workers – that house became the Golden Crown Chinese restaurant.

To the east of the Brewery Inn, it is said there used to be a small thatched cottage. The neighbouring cottages were demolished when the ambulance and fire stations were built. The building to the left of the inn is the Youth Centre, scheduled for closure in 2013 and whose future is yet to be decided.

Bridge Street

Much of Bridge Street was developed in the latter half of the nineteenth century by Ledbury Benefit Building Society, and the area known as Happy Land.

Originally, the bridge was constructed for the Herefordshire & Gloucestershire Canal. In 1881, the Gloucester to Ledbury section was closed and the whole canal became disused a year later. A stretch of canal bed was reused by Gloucester & Ledbury Railway, which opened in 1885, by which time the old canal bridge had been reduced in height.